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Alloy Images Photoshoot

Sunday Aug. 18th

Iris Sparrow of Alloy Images is coming to play with the Sedusa Slink Squad!

At this shoot, we're offering 25 minute appointments, which is more than enough time for one or two quick costume changes, multiple poses and likely a short freedance. This option is great for all levels. For $149, you get an online proof gallery to choose your 15 favorites. Within 45 days, the fully edited, high resolution digital images will arrive in your inbox via Google Drive or Dropbox.

Nervous? Don't be! We'll help pose, spot and style you. Our FAQ page has tips for making your shoot a smashing success (and videos from previous shoots!) plus, we'll send out a confirmation email just before the shoot with even more information.

This is a great opportunity to get photos for a loved one, capture your latest and greatest trick, try your first shoot, or just get some high quality pictures.

Your lighting for this shoot will be rich, dimensional color on a black background, just like on the shoot flyer. This lighting is great for interesting shapes or silhouettes, transparent fabric accents, and making you look fabulous - but less awesome for seeing details in the front of your costume or your makeup. Keep this in mind when you’re designing your shoot look!


2PM Base Work & Floor Tricks

This one will have us focusing on dynamic ticks that utilize the base of the pole as well the open floor. We’ll be working on some hard hitting movements in this workshop so be sure to bring knee pads. Heels are helpful for protecting the toes and adding another element of fun but certainly aren’t required. In addition to safe and proper technique in somersaults and shoulder stands, Rhiannan will be going over favorites like the Venus Fly Trap, Kip Whip, Fish Flop, Lasso, and smooth shoulder transitions. Think... old school swag had a baby with new school punctuated maneuvers to give your dance interest and keep your audience invested. Just because it’s floor, doesn’t mean it’s easy. Students will definitely need to be of an intermediate skill level or higher to benefit from this curriculum.

4PM Old School Sexy Flow

Learn a pole dance routine choreographed by Rhiannan Nichole and packed full of classic, fluid movements that define Rhiannan's signature style. The emphasis in this curriculum is melting through perpetual flow, utilizing pirouettes, static spins and rotations, limb isolations, kicks, and seamless foot work and grip changes to give you that butter smooth look and feel in your dances. This workshop is deceivingly difficult and is therefore

recommended for intermediate dancers with at least a few months of pole dance experience. Leg warmers/knee pads and heels are highly beneficial for this slinky curriculum but not absolutely necessary. Because this is a choreographed routine, Rhiannan needs her own pole for the entire duration of the workshop.

For examples of Old School Sexy Flow routines, click here and here!