Our Instructors

Meet Our Fabulous team of Instructors


Felicia Drake

The New Owner, Creative Director and Lead Instructor of Sedusa Dance Studio (July 1st 2017).

With a Passion for sensual movement, intoxicating body waves, silky floor work, and an affinity for 8" platforms, Felicia Drake has refined her own brand of Dark, Sultry, and Exotic Pole Dance. Seductive movement is definitely her forte. Felicia has been featured in the "Spun" music video by singer/song writer/artist Chelsea Wolfe, Won 1st place in the Exotic L3 category at Pole Sport Organizations 2018 Golden Gate Competition, was Winner of the first Stripcamp engage me contest, and was week one winner of the first Sexy Pole Challenge.


The founder, Owner, and Instructor of Sedusa Studios for 13 years (from 2004-2017).

I believed in starting a sandbox for women for many reasons back in 2004. Sedusa Studios is a place where we can learn to dance with our bodies, but really to learn how to dance with our souls first!

Dancing is a beautiful way to light a fire in our relationships, create spice in our lives, make us feel more confident within ourselves, bring out our femininity, mend wounds from life’s bumps, build many friendships, and enjoy our workout while we tone our bodies and stay in shape. It can be a form of therapy, all while we becoming better dancers and enjoying our lives.




Erica shares with us her nearly 30 years of dance experience. She began pole dancing in 2011 at Sedusa and has been in love with it ever since. She is grateful to be able to combine her love of teaching with her intense passion for all things dance. Erica joined Sedusa’s team of instructors in 2015, teaching Pussycat Dance, Pussycat Polography, and Pole Fitness classes. You will find her sassy, flirty, and athletic style, as well as her passion for dance infused in much of her choreography. Erica loves being a part of the Bay Area pole community. She has performed in the Bay Area’s Northern California Pole Presentational in 2015 and 2016.


Cynthia became a Sedusa woman over 6 years ago, fell in love with sensual pole dance, and has never looked back. With over 15 years of dance experience including 10 years of ballet experience, her knowledge of dance forms and her unique style blend of sensual, innocent, and elegant all contribute to her dance instruction. She's been involved in the NYC pole community as a competitor and instructor for the last three years and is excited to return home to Sedusa July 2017.




Kirsten Gerding has been teaching Pole since 2009. She is the Artistic Director of the Bay Area's all pole company, Flux Vertical Theatre, and is a principle soloist, known as "Mz.K", with the amazing Vau De Vire Society. In 2014 Kirsten got drawn into the world of pole competitions and has won several awards including Dramatic Pole Theatre USA (Semi-Pro 2015). Not only a Pole Artist, Kirsten has toured with Jesus Christ Superstar, A Chorus Line and Cabaret. With such an extreme background in dance, theatre and Pilates her teaching style tends to be both challenging and fun, emphasizing the importance of core strength as it relates to creating a strong and resilient body with flow and grace. She is extremely grateful to be blessed with the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with others every day doing what she truly loves to do!


Kara Nova

Kara Nova discovered the magical realms of pole and circus upon moving to the Bay in 2009. With the ambitions of achieving the splits, she took her first contortion class at the San Francisco Circus Center in 2010, and thus her love affair with flexibility began. 


Kara has studied and trained Mongolian-style contortion with Serchmaa Byamba, and Chinese acrobatic contortion and pole with Master Xia Kemin and Master Lu Yi. Blossoming first in the local burlesque scene with her “ninja-space-angel” pole act in 2010, she was one of the first performers to bring pole to the variety and circus worlds. Kara has performed with Hubba Hubba Revue, Vau de Vire Society, Quixotic Fusion, Rainbow Circus, Trapeze World, Supperclub SF, and others. 


After performing pole for nearly four years, Kara transitioned further into contortion and handstand training. She currently performs a bendy balancing piece, and is recognized for her fluid movements, presence, and exotic flair. As a performer, Kara feels most aligned with her soul’s purpose, creating momentary bubbles of magic, as an alchemist transmutes the mundane to gold. As a teacher, she is honored to pass down her wisdom, experience, and knowledge, inspiring others along their own journey to become a bendy beauty and a mystic muse. 




Christa’s addiction to pole dance began in 2013.  Enamored with slow, controlled, seductive movement, she found the perfect fit at Sedusa, and was excited to join their team of instructors in 2018.  She believes in moving your body in a way that feels pleasurable, and surrendering yourself to the music.

Tina P. (Goddess Afrodisiac)

Tina P (aka Goddess Afrodisiac) hails from Chicago and has been acting and performing since her teens. Though you could always find her on the dance floor, Tina P never imagined she'd be a professional dancer, and certainly not a pole dancer. After winning a free class she became obsessed with pole, attending classes five days a week. Eventually Tina P was accepted into The Choreography House's scholarship program in 2017 where she got her first teaching opportunity. Being an actress, Tina P loves to perform and has danced in Girl Next Door and Seven. She has also been featured on The Root website and as a pole double for R&B singer Mya.

Tina Powell Pole.jpg

Tina P is excited to be joining the Sedusa staff to share her Bump N Grind style, a super fun blend of the sensual and ratchet sides of dance. Moreover, Tina P has a deep interest in uplifting women and loves to use movement to help women to love themselves...one heel clack at a time.



With a background in ballet, hip hop, and contemporary dance, Sade’s passion for dance began at age 3 and she has been choreographing routines to her favorite songs for as long as she can remember.

An avid athlete, dance has been a beautiful expressive part of her life that keeps her mind and body in sync, continually challenging her and bringing to light new and interesting ways to move and manipulate the body. 

Sedusa has given her a place to call home in this amazing journey and she hopes to inspire and share the #SlinkSquad style with all her students and fellow dancers!